1. The customer registration data must be filled out completely and correctly in accordance with your identity document.
  2. Your registration will be processed. In accordance with POJK No. 22/POJK.04/2014 dated 18th November 2014, the Investment Manager shall meet immediately (face to face) with the prospective customers. Regarding to this matter, you will be contacted by MotionFunds for the further registration enquiry.
  3. By registered in MotionFunds,
    • You are agree to keep your User ID and Password, and will not share your User ID and Password with others. Any abuse of User ID and Password will be liable fully to the subscriber.
    • You are willing to receive the latest information about products and other benefits from MNC Group & partners to improve the quality of our services. 
  4. You are strongly encouraged to take use only your personal computer to perform any transaction on the website MotionFunds to avoid fraud.
  5. To be able to start MotionFunds, you must first agree to the Terms and Conditions stipulated in the Online Trading system. Before deciding to invest in the Fund, you must read, understood and understand the contents of the prospectus and understand the risks of investing in the Fund, and subject to the terms and conditions. Past performance does not reflect the future performance, the price of Units may go up or go down and cannot be guaranteed and may result in reduced / loss of the initial investment.
  6. Intellectual Property and Rights
    • You agree that MotionFunds and all services related to MotionFunds is the intellectual property owned by PT MNC Asset Management, or belong to another party which is the source of data and information. You are agree not to reproduce, transmit, distribute, sell, distribute, publish, transmit, distribute or use for commercial purposes any associated with MotionFunds without the prior written consent of PT MNC Asset Management, also agreed not to use MotionFunds and all related services for illegal purposes.
  7. Restrictions on access to MotionFunds
    • You cannot used MotionFunds if there are certain conditions that restrict the rights you are either determined by PT MNC Asset Management or by the laws and regulations in force.
    • PT MNC Asset Management is not responsible for any failures to your access to MotionFunds caused by any certain conditions that limit your account.
    • Access to MotionFunds may be limited or not available at certain busy hours, when the market experienced a high volatility, system improvement, maintenance or other causes. If access to the MotionFunds is not available or delayed, you are agree to use other means to transact, for instance by calling our Customer Service on  021-29709696, or sending email to cs.mam@mncgroup.com or by visiting any branches of PT MNC Asset Management. PT MNC Asset Management is not liable for any losses incurred due to the limited or lack of access to MotionFunds for the reasons mentioned above.
  8. I hereby declare that the Mutual Fund transaction that I have carried out is appropriate based on information in the prospectus and/or Mutual Fund fact sheet submitted by PT MNC Asset Management as an Investment Manager ("MNCAM"). There is no document offering Mutual Funds in other forms offered and/or promised by MNCAM to me. I understand that the prospectus and/or Mutual Fund fact sheet is an official offering document from the Investment Fund managed by MNCAM.

To be able to initiate a transaction you must read, understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions Online Mutual Fund Transactions. Before deciding to invest in mutual funds, you have read and understood the risks, and subject to the applicable provisions.

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